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Video Chat and Private Messaging

Now you can even have one-to-one video calls with any of our members! Our voice and video call feature is a great way to chat for free. Video chat can also be a good idea for people in new relationships who wish to prove their identity online.

We are proud to provide a professional service allowing people to communicate their thoughts, feelings and expressions in a free environment. We ask that our users maintain an open-mind towards the opinions of others and show respect throughout messages and commmunications.

The security and privacy of users on our site is of the highest priority. The development team at Chat Sack are constantly working to improve the usability and security of our systems. Also, the Chat Sack team regularly publish articles on protecting your assets and your identity online. Links and descriptions of our articles are readily available in our Online Security chatroom.

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Because of the time of day globally, you might find some users aren't always online. You can still message users when they aren't online and we will notfy them as soon as they sign in. Depending on the type of room you're in, it might sometimes take a while to get a response. Members can choose to be notified if a room gets activity when they're not online!

When you're registered, we provide simple instructions for connecting your account with your current social network.

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Chat Sack is a place to chat with friends, associates, colleagues, peers and others. Share your knowledge and opinions with the world in one of the active rooms, or make your own!

At Chat Sack we keep everything as freindly, safe and useful as possible. As such we would like to ask everyone to get involved! Share your thoughts and release the Chat Sack Master within you!

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